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Aloha, we specialize in the finest home made pies and scones bake to your order.  Local purchases only.  Sorry, we don't ship our baked goods.  We are veteran owned and operated.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting our website.  Mahalo!

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My quest for the best apple pie started several years ago. I'm a self taught baker.  My mom was a good baker. I remember as a kid, my mom tried to perfect her apple pie recipe but she was never really satisfied. Her apple pie came out runny and liquidity. I, too encountered this same problem. I tried many different apple pie recipes. Some with the Granny Smith Apples and cooking it with 6 cups of sugar.  It wasn’t until one day in 2013, I was watching a food channel network show about this bakery making apple pies using a Blue Ribbon Award Apple Pie Recipe.  I decided to try it and apple pie came out great. I modified the recipe to suit my taste and baking skill. The secret to making great apple pie is the cooking time and using the right type of apples. I mainly use two type of New Zealand Apples - ENVY and BRAEBURN. Sometimes, I use both in my apple pies. I admit that in the early days, I used ready made pie crust as I felt I didn’t have the talent to make my own pie crust. I started making apple pies for my work place luncheons and bake sales. People liked my apple pies and soon were asking to buy a whole pie. Then in 2016, I took two months stress leave from work. I found myself needing a hobby and decided to make baking as my hobby. I found my mom’s old recipe box with all of her favorite recipes. I saw her recipe for her flakey crust recipe. I decided to try it. After many trials and lessons learned, I was able to make my own pie crust. My mom’s pie crust took my apple pie to whole another level. Several people who have tried my apple pie have said that it was the “Best Apple Pie” they ever tasted.

I started the Kapaa Apple Pie Company as an expansion vehicle for my new hobby. Little did I know that I inherited my mom’s baking skills. People who have known me are quite surprise that I have a talent for baking. I enjoyed the challenges of baking and figuring out how to put together the ingredients to make something so delicious. My goal is to make the best apple pie in Kapaa. For the most part, I think I have succeeded in this. I call my apple pie, the Almost Famous Apple Pie. I do hope you will have an opportunity to try my apple pie.

Now, I have branch off into baking scones and other bake goods. I’m slowly getting a following for my bake goods. Thank you all who have supported me and have given me encouragement to pursue my hobby. It gives me great pleasure in knowing that my baked goods have given much enjoyment and delight to those lucky enough to taste it. My bakery offers home made baked goods to order. If you have a potluck event and don’t have the time to bake, give me a call in advance to make an order. I usually need 72 hours in advance to prepare an order. My limit for pies is 3 pies per day. Thank you again, Enjoy!

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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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