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Last month in October, I had a wonderful baking adventure with my Cousin Kaylene and her husband, Michael in San Jose, CA. My Cousin and I only recently reconnected in April of 2019 during my trip to San Francisco to deliver an Apple Pie and Ube Coconut Scones. We probably haven't seen each in over forty years. They have taken an interest in my of baking hobby. Kaylene graciously invited me and my family to visit with them in San Jose. They have a beautiful home overlooking the San Jose Valley. Of course, I brought over my All Star Apple Pie and two bottles of my own Vanilla Extract made from Koloa Rum and offer to do a baking demonstration at their home.

Michael is in his own right is a gourmet cook. He enjoys cooking in their large spacious kitchen and has the modern cooking gadgets. We decided to make Raspberry Scones with Cream Cheese. I showed Michael the steps to make scones. Michael has a Kitchen Aid Mixer that he used to blend the flour and chopped cold butter. I was amazed on the ease of using a mixer for making dough. I'm thinking with a mixer like that, I can do larger orders of scones. Now, I want to get one for Christmas! In fact, I have one on order with Amazon. Michael used a silicon baking mat which I thought was great because it's reusable and is non-sticking. The scones came out beautifully and extra large.

I thoroughly enjoyed my baking adventure with my Cousin, Kaylene and Michael. I learn some new things. I look forward to my next opportunity to bake with them again.

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