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Georgia Peach Pie

I was shopping at Trader’s Joes in Las Vegas and found these bottles of Peaches. It reminded me of my time at the Infantry Advance Officer Course in Fort Benning, GA. The Peaches looked so delicious and fresh that I decided to purchased two bottles to bring home. Now, I never made a Peach Pie before and to the best of my recollection I think never tasted one. I did some research on Peach Pie Recipes and thanks to Bhavana C. from Facebook, she sent me a recipe from an old recipe book from her neighbor. I decided to incorporate the best of these two recipes and added my own touches. I was concerned that the nutmeg was too over powering. I wanted more of a brown sugar and cinnamon flavor profile. The pie was baked perfectly. The peaches were not mushy and the filling wasn’t watery at all. My wife tasted the pie and gave her seal of approval. Not overly sweet peach flavor. Not too bad for my first time baking a Peach Pie.

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