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Happy Easter Sunday

This trip to San Francisco for the weekend was a good break for me from baking. I delivered an Almost Famous Apple Pie and Ube Coconut Scones to some good friends of mines as a surprise treat for them. My friends were instrumental in getting me to set up this website which has further expanded our customer base and name recognition. My friends enjoyed the scones. I got to go hiking with my friends and tried different cuisine such as Indian and Peruvian foods. On this trip, I was introduce to Black Currant, a small tart fruit that resembles like a raIsin. My friend, Yo asked me if I could bake a Black Currant Scone. She purchased Black Currant Jam from a specialty shop in Sausalito. I told her that I could teach her how to bake a scone using the Black Currant Berries and jam. Just like how I learned to make scone from watching a food show episode where Tyler Florence meets this lady at the store and teaches her how to bake scone at her home, I’m sharing the knowledge with my friend. We had fun baking in her small kitchen, using a small convection oven which I never baked scone in before. It was a learning experience for me using a new medium. The scones came out quite good and delicious. It should be noted that my friend is an accomplished baker herself. I look forward to further collaboration with her again. On behalf of the Kapaa Apple Pie Company, we wish all of our friends and supporters a Happy and Safe Easter Sunday. I’m excited to return home and continue my baking adventure.

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