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It’s All About The Pie Crust

I’m a serious believer that a good pie crust can make all the difference in making a great pie. If you think about it, the pie crust is the foundation of any pie. Since I started making my own pie crust using my mom’s flakey pie crust recipe in 2016, I have received many wonderful comments from my customers about the pie crust, as if the pie crust was the star of the show and the pie filling was just an after thought. For example, a customer told me that, “ The Apple Pie was delicious but I loved the flakey pie crust”. Or “I normally, don’t eat crusts but your’s I would eat it!” Even my son would ask if he could just eat the pie crust and not so much the filling.

I had to ask myself, what makes this pie crust so special? It does require some effort to make your own pie crust but it is well worth the effort. It has 6 simple ingredient, flour, butter, salt, shortening, egg, and water. A lot of trial and errors until I could prefect my pie crust technique. I still remember those days of the dough sticking to the roller and wooden board. When I started baking pies, I used the ready made pie crusts because it was easy to use and convenient for my baking skill level. The only downsides to using ready made pie crust is that the crust thickness is uniform throughout because it’s machined pressed and it’s freshness. The raw pie dough has to last many months or year. In order to achieve this, they added preservatives. I could taste a very subtle chemical after taste when eating a ready made pie crust. This is the biggest difference between my pie crust and the ready made ones. My pie crust is thicker and fresher because there’s no preservatives added. Quality and Freshness is what makes great pie crust! And having my mom’s flakey pie crust recipe certainly helps too! I don’t really know where she had gotten this recipe or if was past down to her by my Grandmother. She passed away way before I even knew I had a talent for baking which is sad in away but her memory lives on each time I bake a pie using her pie crust recipe.

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