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My apologies for not being more active with my blog. I guess that I am having way too much fun being retired. Actually, I'm semi-retired now at the request of a good friend. I took on a part time State Contractor job as a Long Term Care Ombudsman for the Island of Kauai. It's only 17 hours per month which leaves me enough time to do the other important things. I'm still doing my baking to fill orders and doing a lot more traveling this year. This Sunday, I leave for Las Vegas to deliver an order for 2 Custard Pies. A former islander and good customer who moved to Las Vegas a few years ago found out that I will be in town and placed an order.

One of the things I enjoy about baking is that I have the opportunity to meet new people from different places. Recently, I received an order for a Mango Cream Pie and Lemon Scones from a visitor from the mainland. I asked her how she found out about the Kapaa Apple Pie Company. She told me that she was looking for a gym in Kapaa area for her son to practice at and saw the location marker on google map for the Kapaa Apple Pie Company. She clinked on the link on the google map search and found this website and placed her order for her family. I messaged her that I needed to find ripen mango for the topping at the store and will confirmed with her that I can fulfill the order. Fortunately, I remember seeing local island mangos at the store for sale and was able to purchased a large mango. I prepared her order and she was able to pick it up. They enjoyed their visit to Kauai and of course, the pie and scones were delicious.

A good friend of mines asked if I could bake her some Cream Filled Cupcakes. I jokingly replied that I don't do Cupcakes and Wedding Cakes but I may consider making a Wedding Cupcake for her. I never made cupcakes before and decided to give it a try. I did a search online for Cream Filled Cupcakes and found one that was rather easy to make. During the assembly process, I prepared the Cream Filling and tasted it. I didn't like it as it had this chemical after taste to it. I decided to add some Koloa Rum Coffee Liquor to give it a Mocha flavoring and modified the Chocolate Frosting by using Dark and Milk Chocolate Chips. The Cupcakes came out beautiful. I gave one of the Cupcake for my Son to try. He said that it was delicious. He didn't comment on the cream filling's chemical aftertaste. I decided to try one and to my surprise, the cream filling had no chemical aftertaste at all. It was delicious. I gave some to my good friend to try and she love it. I probably make these again but I won't put it up for sale. Too much work involved in making these cupcake and its easy to m

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