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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

I've been baking Custard Pies for about two years now. I consider it a simple pie to bake but a challenge to get it down perfect. There are many factors that could result in pie failure. For example, when mixing the heated heavy cream to the egg-sugar mixture, if the heavy cream is too hot, it could cook the egg and end up with scrambled eggs. If the heated heavy cream is not hot enough, it won't blend well with the egg mixture and will result in liquefied custard. No amount of extra baking will get it to become a solid custard. If you over stir the egg mixture, you are adding too much air into the egg mixture which will result in the custard to expand during the baking process and cause the custard to rise. The Custard cooks faster from the outside to the center of the pie then as it cools, the "hump" collapses forming a dip in the pie.

The egg is the foundation of any custard product. To create the Best Custard Pie, I only use fresh island eggs that has been kept at room temperature.

I use my own homemade Vanilla Extract using an unique Vodka from England that made out of milk by product when making cheese. This Vodka Vanilla Extract adds to the creamiest of the custard.

Before each pie is delivered, its taste tested to make sure it meets our high quality standards.

A Perfect Custard Pie!

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